Ballroom Dance Lessons

We offer a variety of lessons, ranging from social dancing to competitive dances and performances. Whether you prefer the slow graceful waltz, or the sexy rumba, we have classes to teach it all!

Fall Lessons

All of our lessons are beginner level, and are open to anyone with or without prior dance experience. No partners are required!

If you have previous ballroom experience and are interested in advanced lessons, email about taking classes with our competitive team.

Fall 2019 Schedule

Classes are held in Rangos Ballroom in the University Center. Check our Calendar for the full schedule of dances we are teaching this semester.

Beginner Lessons

Beginner lessons are held weekly on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with one dance taught at 8 PM, and a second dance at 8:45 PM.


Bachata/Salsa lessons will be taught by a professional dancer on Monday/Wednesday nights at 9:30pm.

Lesson Pricing

Student prices apply for anyone with a valid student ID, regardless of school.

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Questions? Email us at