The competition team is a group within the CMU Ballroom Dance Club that represents the school at various collegiate ballroom competitions. Members travel to events in the East Coast region and in the Midwest. Our team is a supportive and fun group of dancers which is there not only to learn more ballroom but also to have fun and enjoy the diverse company brought together by a shared interest.

Can I join? Do I need a partner?

Any current CMUBDC member may join the team for no additional cost. No experience is necessary, and you will be taught what you need to know through club lessons and team practices. Additionally, advanced team members are available to help you improve. You may eventually want a partner, but almost all members join without a partner and find one later within the competition team.

What if I have two left feet? (Do I need experience?)

Most of our now advanced members were in the same shoes when they first joined only a few short years ago. We never really knew what to do with our right shoes until we joined!

When does the team practice?

UC Activities Room

Saturday   12:30pm – 3:30pm
Sunday      12:30pm – 3:30pm

We also suggest that you take the “Newcomer” professional lessons Mon/Wed 7:30pm.

What time commitment is required?

No specific time commitment is required, so the amount of time dedicated varies with individual interest. Our members span a wide range of individuals from casual members who mostly attend social gatherings to intense competitors who practice… obsessively.

Do you guys do anything as a team other than practice?

We do many showcases throughout the semester for various events on campus and throughout Pittsburgh. In addition, our team holds regular ballroom parties hosted by some of our members at their residences. Come join us for fun nights of board games, improv games, and other activities!